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Container Candles


Candle wax / beeswax/one pound of wax Prepared candle wick Wicking rod Double boiler or electric frying pan and a can for melting wax Canning jars or tuna can for mold Candle dyes and scents

First melt the candle wax in a pan at a low temperature. If you are making a beeswax candle the formula for the wax is half beeswax and half candle wax. When making a container candle you do not need to add any stearine to your candle wax.

You can prepare your wick during this time by soaking the wick into the melting wax for about 5 minutes. Take the wick out of the melted wax and place it on a piece of wax paper to dry for later insertion.

When wax is melted completely add the dyes and scent according to amount you desire. (check the color by dropping some colored wax on a wax paper until I produce the desired color needed)

Gently stir the wax mixture. Pour the melted wax slowly into the container that you have chosen. Let the wax set up until it is cloudy and a thick consistency. Make an insertion in the middle of the candle with your rod and insert your prepared wick.

Sometimes during the cooling stage your wax will shrink and have a dip in the middle. Just fill that area with more melted wax.

Be creative! Look for interesting containers for your candles. Good luck and enjoy!