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Pressed Herb and Flower Candles


3" or 6" pillar candle-white or off white (3" diameter) Pressed herbs and flowers: (Leaves of geranium, rue, ferns, roses, any flat pressed flowers) Votive candle - white or off-white Paint brush Old pan to heat wax in

Heat votive candle in the old pan until melted. Use a votive that is the same color as the pillar candle that is used.

Arrange herbs on table to a suitable design for your candle unless you will be placing them on the candle randomly. Take your small paint brush and dab a little melted wax onto candle where you plan on placing first herb or flower. Quickly place herb or flower on top of dap of wax. Do this with you whole design, making sure you get just a THIN layer of wax on the top of the herb.

When finished with design, brush a THIN layer of melted wax over whole design. Allow the candle to cool either at room temperature or in a refrigerator. If you wish to give the candle as a gift, place it in a small wreath of dried flowers.