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How to Make a Dream Catcher

You will need the following materials:

Hoop/Ring. We have found that it is much easier to work with the metal hoops. A 8 inch ring would be fine but if you want a larger dreamcatcher use a larger ring you can find these rings at any craft shop

Suede Lace Make sure it is strong or it will break on you as your working with it.

Artificial Sinew Small quarter sized spool or any stong white thread will be fine but sinew is the best flatten it to make working with it easyer

Feathers & Beads

a hot glue gun with sticks

Knots to Know: half-hitch

There are several ways to make dream catchers.

You can use branches for your hoop, it looks beautiful but is hard to work with. May turn out very uneven. The branches bend as you are working with the sinew and it gets a warped look to it. Some put the lace around the hoop after the sinew web is complete. We like to cover our ring with Suede first. Gluing one end of the suede to the ring and wrapping it around the hoop, glueing the wrapped part down as you go, or it will unwind. Every so many inches, pull the suede tight and push it together to give it a smoother look. We use glue every 2 inches to ensure the tightness of the wrap. Tie one end of the sinew to the ring. We use our finger as a good spacer in between each inch. The more even the spacing is the more uniform your web will be. You can also use chalk to mark even spots around the ring before you begin to make sure. It is really disappointing to get done with the web and then you notice it doesn't look right because of the spacing. Make sure that the spacing between the last half hitch and the fist knot is smaller than the rest. One you complete your first ring in the web, you do the same thing again, except you use the center of each web spacing as your tie spot for the second ring in your web. You do this again and again until you are at the center of your web. You may want a little hole or a big hole in the center. It is up to you.

To describe a half-hitch better: - You have your ring in hand/lap - You tie your first knot at the top - (1) - At your fist inch spot you are going to lay the sinew over the top of the ring, then wrap it around the ring (2) - When it is under, pull the sinew over the (2) piece and pull tight

you can custonize your rings how you want them by changing the color of the Suede Lace ,feathers and beads i have made for people a blue suede and purple feather ring with Artificial bone beads so the creative side is up to you and have fun with it