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Full Blood Moon Esbat Ritual

October - Experiencing life's energy In October, the night is longer than the day. The harvest is winding down; people are preparing their homes and their larders for the winter. In Celtic traditions, Samhain (SOW-en), which occurs on October 31st, is the end of the old year, with November 1st being the beginning of the new.

The phrase "Blood Moon" may have referred to animal sacrifices hundreds of years ago. More likely, this was the time when livestock would be slaughtered for food. In the Janic Tradition, the word "blood," refers to the life force which courses through the Earth and her beings. In October, we become aware of a tendency to "nest," rather than exert ourselves, and we stock energy, in the form of food, for the winter.

The times of the Waxing and Full Moon are most commonly used for attacting, rather than banishing, energies. This ritual celebrates the life forces which support and nurture us throughout our life.

This ritual was created for the October, 2000, Full Blood Moon Esbat.

Purpose: To celebrate the energies that create and support life. Tools

If you don't usually have one, a bright or dark red candle should be on the altar the represent Spirit and the life force which Spirit grants us. A crystal from the Earth. Any green or red stone which speaks to you of the energy of life is appropriate. I prefer bloodstone, since it contains both green and red and has an appropriate name. This crystal will be charged for use as a reminder stone, to carry with you or place in your environment until the next Full Moon. Drums, rattles, or musical instruments, if available The Working[i] Oh Mother Moon, represented now in the Wheel of the Year by the Full Blood Moon, you represent Life's energy.

I celebrate the life force that streams through my veins. I celebrate the life force that supports me, my loved ones, and all beings as we move through life.

Whisper, sing, chant, move, dance, beat drums, shake rattles. Express Life's energy, and feel that energy flowing through your veins.