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Full Storm Moon Esbat Ritual

Full Storm Moon Esbat Ritual February - Focusing on the Light that guides us In February, we celebrate Imbolc, when the Goddess is reborn as the Maiden. A candle wheel, consisting of eight white candles, may be used in the Imbolc ritual. The candle wheel helps us to celebrate not only the Maiden, but also the growth of the young Sun God.

This time of the year is difficult for many people. The excitement of the holidays is over, and we are left alone with our mental meanderings. Our unconscious conflicts and worries are closer to the surface now, and it is not just the weather that may be stormy.

The theme of the Full Storm Moon Esbat is the guidance that the Light gives us if we are receptive to it. In this ritual, we open ourselves to this guidance, which will assist us in integrating what we have learned and become aware of during the darkness.

As the times of the Waxing and Full Moon are most commonly used for attacting, rather than banishing, energies, this ritual is designed to convey to the Jana, the Moon Goddess, that we are willing to accept her guidance.

I designed this ritual for the February, 2001, Full Storm Moon Esbat.

This ritual is best performed at night, or in a dark room.

Purpose: To focus on the Light which guides us. Tools

A white candle The Working Oh Full Storm Moon, Mother Moon, you are the aspect of the Triple Goddess that represents nurturance and peace. At this time of the year, when my unconscious conflicts are so close to the surface, I need your guidance.

Jana, through the darkness and through the day, Light my path and guide my way.[i]

With the only light in the room being the God, Goddess, and Spirit candles, light the single white candle.

Ask Jana for guidance about any particular issues you may have.

When the answers have come, say:

Thank you, Jana, for your guidance, your Light, and your Love. Sending the Energy Jana, you change everything you touch. Everything you touch changes. As I extinguish this flame, may your Light of guidance continue to shine within me. With harm to none, so mote it be.

Snuff the candle.

After the Ritual Save the candle, and relight it whenever you need Jana's guidance. When the candle is nearly burned, use it to light another white candle, which will then take up the role of connecting you with Jana. Bury the remains of each candle when it is finished.

For times when you can't light the candle, carry a lighter, so the Light of her guidance will always be available to you.