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from the grand grimoire

to cause a girl to seek you out, however prudent she may be,

Whether in the increase or wane of the moon, a star must be observed between eleven o'clock or midnight. But before beginning,do as follows. take a virgin parchment. Write thereon her name whose presence you desire. the parchment must be shaped as represented in the pitcure bellow. on the other side inscribe these words:melchiael,Bareschas. Than place your parchment on the earth,with the person's name against the ground. place your right foot above it, while your left knee is bent to the earth. in this position, observe the brightest star in the firmament, holding in the right hand a taper of white wax large enough to last for an hour, and recite the following:

I salute and conjure you,O beautfuk moon, O beautiful Star,Obright light, which i hold in my hand! by the air which i breathe by the breath which is within me, by the earth which I touch, I conjure you, and by all the names of the spirits who are princes residing in you; By the ineffable Name ON, Which hath created all by thee, O Resplendant Angel Gabriel, togeather with the prince Mercury, Michiael, and Melchidael. I conjure you again by all the devine names of god, that you send down to obsess, torment,and harass the body, spirit, soul, and five senses of the nature of N., so long as she be indeferent to me. So shall she indure not, So shall she be obsessed,so suffer so be tormented. Go then promptly; go, Melchidael, Baresches, Zazel, Firiel, Malcha, and all those who are without you. I conjure you by the great living god to accomplish my will, and I,N., do promise to satisfy you duly.

Having thrice pronounsed this conjuration place the taper on the parchment and let it burn. Take the parchmenton the morrow, put it in your left shoe and there leave it untill the person for whom you have operated shall have come to seek you out. you must specify in the conjuration the day that you desire her to come, and she will not fail.

in the conjuration where you see N., inset the name of the girl there dont say N say the name i have had a few people say N isntead of the girls name ( so please no emails on what N., means )