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Hello to all here is a page about me

I started learning the old ways when I was 14 years old. Now 16 years later I have gathered quite a bit of knowledge but as all witches know you are never done learning. Thats why I made this web site for all new witches so they can learn some of the old ways.

A little about myself:

AGE: 30 years wise

SEX: obviously male

LOCATION: Born in Connecticut and still residing here notice the sarcasm.

DIVINATION: Tarot, Astrology, and Scrying

MARITAL STATUS: Married with 2 boys Robert and Jonathan(which we share the same birth day the winter solstice)and a daughter Angelina my surprise baby. We didn't know wife was pregnant

WITCHIE WAYS: When I was little I was the diffrent kid in the bunch I could feel spirits all around me. I would dream of events and they would happen. I didn't know then that this is what I would end up as until I met a witch from California. I met her in a book store I was looking for some knowledge on what was going on inside of me. She led me to some books and the rest is history she was my first teacher and I miss her dearly. Now i am a solitary witch tring to do my part in helping others new and old to the craft.