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Sabbats we celebrate 8 Sabbats taking place at the Exinoxes and Solstices. The first of these is Samhain which takes place on October 31st - This is the Wiccan New Year. Yule - Dec. 21 - This is the Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year.

Imbolg - Feb. 1 - This takes place on the first full moon of Aquarius and symbolizes the vanishing of winter and welcoming of Spring, use white candles to honor the Goddess.

Ostara - March 21 - Spring Equinox, light and dark are equal, now it is not Winter nor Spring, naming ceremonies usually take place on this night.

Beltane - May 1 - First Full Moon in Taurus, known as Lady Day, time to prepare for warm months ahead, time of great magick.

Midsummer - June 21 - Midsummer Solstice, time when all is flourishing, herbs gather now are powerful, time of the Sun God.

Lammas - Aug 1 - First Full Moon in Leo, Honor Mother Earths wedding, beginning of harvest.

Mabon - Sept. 21 - Autumn Equinox, Time of resting, river and stream are empowered.