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LOVE SPELL (for male) Obtain a photo of the victim-to-be. If no photo is available, get some hair or finger-nail clippings. Get anything that fits into whatever model of magick you hold and combine this with a sigil (a pictorial glyph) of the girl of your own design. Sit in a still clean place (Your Temple) and declare the circle to be cast, through a banishing ritual or reciting a poem and waving your arms around, etc. Put the likeness of the girl onto your altar (or similar) and channel energy up through your legs, torso, arms and into the likeness. Keep doing so as you pick the object up (both hands) and hold it tight, (because you love her impression). Tell her over and over that you love her absolutely and that she loves you dearly. Tell her that she loves you and that you love her and that you were meant to be together, repeatedly. When satisfied, close the circle and declare the ritual over. Take the object and wrap it up, to 'bind it' and store it in a clean, safe place such as strapped to the bottom of her bed or buried in her lawn, etc. Usually I would have some purple candles on the altar. You specified 'white magic' so use white candles. THE MOON GLANCE Due to the overwhelming popular demand, here is my description of the Moon Glance technique. It was originally conceived by Chaos Magician Peter J. Carroll. The Moon Glance is a simple technique of magickal seduction. To begin, choose a person to whom you wish to direct the glance. It is preferable if they are seated (or otherwise stationary) and not involved in any particular activity. This is not required, but it makes it somewhat easier. Close your eyes. Visualize a glowing, silver crescent moon that passes through the middle of your head, with the "horns" protruding forward in the direction of your line of sight. Try to visulalize your "target" and sensitise yourself to him/her. After a moment, try to sense when they are looking in your direction. When you feel this is so, open your eyes and look into theirs. If they have moved or are not looking in your direction, you must try again or choose another person. As you look into their eyes, visualize a shaft of silver light extending from the tips of the horns into their eyes. Hold your mind still and blank. You should be able to sense immediately if the person has been affected by the spell. The Moon Glance is an excellent example of the effectiveness of combining a magickal technique with psychology. By closing your eyes, your pupils become dilated so when you catch their glance, you send a universal, subliminal "body language" signal of sexual interest. The Glance also almost always generates a slight smile which also signals attraction. It should be pointed out that seduction spells, perhaps more than any other kind, are subject to the deleterious effects of "lusting for results" (pun intended?). To be effective at all, one must remain detached as much as possible from the outcome. For someone desperate to get laid, this may be all but impossible. I've found that the most effective way to accomplish this is to be more concerned with simply generating a response from the target that actually landing them in the sack. It's the "thrill of the chase", so to speak. I tend to use the Glance "for fun" at parties and other gatherings just to see how well it will work and to practice my visualization. I would say the vast majority of those persons I've gotten a response from do NOT end up being sexual partners. I'm pretty particular about whom I do the wild thang with. Any magician with sufficient power to make the Moon Glance really work will very likely have no shortage of potential sex partners anyway.


The color of the candle is very important when it comes to performing magick for each color possesses a different vibration and attracts different spiritual influences.

Each of the 12 signs of the zodiac is also ruled by its own color, and when casting horoscopes or working zodia-related magick, the colors of the candles used should correspond to the proper zodiacal color:

AQUARIUS: Light Blue PISCES: Aquamarine ARIES: Red TAURUS: Green GEMINI: Yellow or Silver CANCER: White LEO: Gold VIRGO: Gray LIBRA: Royal Blue SCORPIO: Black or Red SAGITTARIUS: Dark Blue or Purple CAPRICORN: Black or Dark Brown

During the four major witches' sabbats, the following colored candles should be burned: brown for Candle-mas, dark green for Beltane, yellow for Lammas and orange or black for Samhain.

Candle magick should never be performed in the dark of the moon-the three days preceding a new moon. A waxing moon is the proper time to perform spells that attact, and the waning moon is the correct time to perform spells that banish.

Candles that are used when working black magick should never be reused for white magick spells as the negatvie vibrations of the candle will interfere with the magick and possibly reverse the effects of the spell.


...You have to use the 4th Venus pentacle in The Key of Solomon. Write it on paper (after ceansing it) or copper and perform the rituals that are mentioned in the book.

After that, you will have to put it in a green silk bag and wear it around your neck. When you meet the girl (boy) you desire, just show it to her (him). This will make her (him) fall helplessley in [love] with you!