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Natural magick is the art of bringing about marvellous effects inherent in seemingly ordinary herbs,
stones, animals, and other natural substances.

The following glossary gives only a few of the elements of natural magick

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( BKA wolf's bane or leopard's bane or monk's hood)

A poisonous plant that bears a hood-shaped flower of the genus ACONITUM. aconite was used by witches in manny potions and flying ointments. According to ancient greek legends, aconite came from the froth of the mouth of cerberus, the dog that guarded the lower world. The moon goddess Hecate, who was the patroness of witches, discoverd aconite, which was the first poison. English wise woman have used it in treating gout and rheumatism. Homeopathically, aconite was once supposed to be a remedy for poisoning.

AETITES (or aquilaeus)

A stone found in a eagle, useually in the head, neck,or stomach.Aetites is a powerful talisman, bringing courage and goood fourtune to the wearer.It also is conductive to good health and longgevity, and cures falling sickness when worn on the body. It is tied to a womans thigh to ease labor. Worn on the left arm it brings love between a married couple. "it amkes woman that are slippery able to concieve, being bound to the left wrist of the left arm by which from the heart twards the ring finger, next to the little finger,an artery runs;and if all time the women be great with child,this jewel be worn on those parts,it strengthens the child and there is no fear of abortion or miscarriage"


A variety of chalcedony with colored bands or other markings. To prevent snake bites, engrave upon an agate a serpent or man riding a serpent and wear it as an amulet. An agate amulet makes the bearer eloquent and favord by the mighty, calms and refreshes him, and streangthens his heart. It prevents storms both as an amulet and as fumigation. The agate is also a truth talisman. Place it on the left breast of a sleeping woman, and she will tell you truthfully what ever you wish to know.


A yellow-flowered plant of the genus Agrimonia. A handful of leaves, fresh and dried, steeped in a pint of water, are used to cure jaundice and diseases of the liver or blood. This solution cleans and brightens the skin when applied externally and purfies the blood when drunk. Take agimony mixed with wine against snakebite. Keep it in your bedroom to sleep soundly.


Stone from a cock. Alectorius is a powerful amulet for power, courage, and wealth. It brings about harmony between husband and wife, and dissolves all sorts of magic spells. Held in the mouth, it prevents thirst. Alectorius brings good luck generally and will make people do what the bearer wishes. To obtain it, lay a rooster in an ant hill for nine days, after which time you will find the stone.


Mount alligator teeth in silver and gold, and tie them to you arm by a chain, or make a ring of them for good luck and protection (South American Indian).


A flower which never fades. It symbolizes immortality and is used in charms and amulets for fame and long life. Since it is highly unlikely that one might find this flower, he may substitute for it the mortal flower Amaranth, a coarse herb with small flowers. Dried and powdered flowers of red amaranth stop menstruation and hemorrhage. Flowers of white amaranth are used against venereal diseases.


Translucent fossil resin, pale yellow or brownish in color, that acquires a negative charge by rubbing. Necklaces or amulets of amber are worn around the neck against many diseases, especially fever rheumatism, and disease and weakness of the eyes. To look through amber strenthens the sight. A piece of red amber is excellent for protection against poison, plague, and the evil eye.


Secretion of the intestines of the sperm whale, an ingredient of magic perfumes. It is extensively used as an aphrodisiac, especially in the Orient, often in potions or introduced into beverages such as coffee.


(from Green amethystos, meaning "not intoxicating")

Purple gem-quartz worn as an amulet to prevent drunkenness. Taken in potions, it is a cure for poisoning and sterility. When worn it makes one witty and wise and improves the memory. If a man wears it, good women will love him. Worn to bed, it helps one fall asleep and brings good dreams.


(or wind flower)

To cure inflammation of the eyelids, anoint them with an ointment made of this herb. Water obtained from boiling the leaves brings on menstration.


Plant of genus Angelica, with edible stalks and root that are used in potions and recipes against disease. While fasting, eat the roots candied or steeped in vinegar against infection. Take water distilled from the roots and mixed with wine against the common cold and lung disease. Angelica leaves (whose fragrance gives the plant its name) protect against witchcraft when worn on the body, carried, or placed about the house.


A stone found in some part of the body of an animal that contains the magical essence of the animal in concentrated form. Such stones are worn as amulets and are pulverized for use in potions and other recipes. They are usually obtained by killing the animal and leaving it to be eaten by ants, or by suspending it so that the stone will drop out of its mouth. The most powerful of these stones are listed herin under their own names, or the names of the animals from which they are obtained.


This bloodless insect is a powerful ingredient in love potions. It is also used in plasters and ointments to stop bleeding. To cure a person who has been poisoned, a lump from an ant hill is fastened on his arm and some of it given to him in water to drink. In India bites of red ants have been considered good for rheumatism . To obtain bones, stones, or seed for magical purposes, the fruit or animal is often left on an ant hill; the object left after the ants have devoured it is considered purified.


A white metallic element which protets one against witchcraft and demons when worn as an amulet.


Either cut up or mashed, the apple is used in love potions and recipes. It is also used in working magic against enemies, especially when cut with a knife.


The last joint of the its tail is a remedy for earache.


This gum resin has a pungent, unpleasant smell, form which it gets its name. It is used to drive away demons or against nervous complaints.


A sacred tree of the Saxons. Its bark is given ground up in potions and recipes for spleen and liver disease. For jaundice, nine young shoots from the root and an ash tree that was cut down are buried in a bottle in a secret place, whitout the patient's knowledge. If the bottle is broken or taken away, the patient will have a relapse. Drink distilled water of ash leaves in the morning while fasting, to decrease weight. On St. jonh's Eve the red bud of the ash is eaten to prevent witchcraft and the evil eye.


Wine in whice roots of asparagus were boiled helps relieve toothache when held in the mouth. To arouse lust, take it several mornings in a row, fasting. Bathe in the liquid to ease cramps and pains in the lower body.


Put a leaf of this tree under a woman's tongue to cure her of dumbness.


Sleeping upon the skin of this animal keeps away devils, witches, and nightmares. Ass's hair are often used in love potions: "If the hairs of a He-Asses Ear be burnt and powdered and given to a woman in drink, she will never cease panting. And the curing of this thing is, if you burnt the hairs of a She-Ass, and give them to drink." The right testicle of an ass is worn as a braclet to bring love. Anoint yourself with ass's milk to win the love of the one you desire. When in pain, sit on an ass, facing its tail, and your pain will be transmitted to the beast. Mounted in a ring, its hoof is an amulet against epilepsy.

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