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Natural magick is the art of bringing about marvellous effects inherent in seemingly ordinary herbs,
stones, animals, and other natural substances.

The following glossary gives only a few of the elements of natural magick

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(from Green amethystos, meaning "not intoxicating")

The foot of the animal, buried under one's bed, arouses lust.


To cure a headache or other ailment of the head, boil the buds in fat and apply the mixture (Indian).


In addition to being used extensively in divination, barley may be scattered on the floor to keep away witches, and is a remedy for kidney stones.


(or Epidemium)

A purple-and-yellow-flowered plant with thin, crooked stalks and heart-shaped leaves once thought not a flower at all beause it does not flower easily in the sun. According to John Hill, people "hsave been taught to give it to young women of robust habits, subject to violent hysteric sucess...they give a dedoction of the root made strong and sweetened. 'Twas a coarse allusion that led them to the practice, but it succeeds in cases that foil all the parade of common practice. It is said that, if they take it in too large quantity, it renders them stupid from some hours, but no ill consequence has attended this." It hardly needs to be added that barren wort was drunk as a contraceptive.


A common herb that draws poison from a sting wound when applied. It may be drunk as a tea against menstrual complaints and to bring a menstruation. "make that a woman shall eate of nothing that is set upon the table. Take a little grene Basil, and when men bring the dishes to the table, put it underneath them, let the woman perceive it not; for men saye that she will eate of none of that which is n the dishe where under the Basil lieth."


(or Cockatrice)

A mythical animal, usually a serpent or lizard, that could kill a man by it glance. The bailisk was hatched from the egg of a cock by a serpent or toad. The eye of the basilisk was a common ingredient in witches; potions, although an ordinary lizard was probably substituted. Its blood, which is called the Blood of Saturn, brings good fortune and the fulfullment of wishes, and prevents diseases, when carried about one.


(or Flitter Mouse)

One of the eyes of the bat is a talisman for invisibility, some say the right and others the left. Its wing may be used in magic against enemies or to work evil. The eye may be pierced with a needle when used for this purpose. The heart of a bat bound to the right arm with a red thread brings good luck at cards. The head tied to the right arm with a blak cloth prevents sleep. If the blood of a bat is put under a woman's head while she sleeps, without her knowledge, she will conceive the next time she lies with a man. In Chinese amulets, the image of the bat is used to bring wealth, happiness, and long life.


Used to aid in urination after childbirth, and for nervousness and paralysis. Dry leaves in the oven and powder them. Bay leaves, preferably good-sized ones, are often used in composing amulets, and magic words are sometimes written on them.


Gum resin, similar to myrrh, from trees of the genus Commiphora, used in ancient India in postions and charms against disease.


The bean is a powerful sexual and fertility symbol. It makes men potent, but may cause sterlity in women. Beans are used in charms and amulets against witchcraft and the evil eye. Beans were forbidden to ancient Egyptian priests and were later considered sacred in some Greek and Roman cults. To remove spots and wrinkles, wash the face with water distilled from the flowers of garden beans.


The fat of a bear in an ointment or potion induces fear. The claws, worn on a string around the net, ease childbirth. Carry the heart of a bear with you to bring wealth, power, and happiness.


The juice of the beet is good for headache, toothache, or an aching jaw.

BEGGER LICE (Cynoglossum Morrisoni)

Drink a dedoction of this burred plant to improve your memory, or use it in love potions (Cherokee).

BELLADONNA ( or deadly nightshade )

A poisonous witch herb of the Solanaceae family with bleck berries and dark reddish leaves. The leaves where used in flying ointments, and there stimulation of the heart and the respiratory system may have contributed to the illusion of flying. Drunk in potions, thay produced vissions and halucinations and gave one the ability to fortell the future. If you administer the distilled juice of the leaves to someone, he imagines whatever you wish him to. Applied externally, the leaves are soothing to inflammation and swelling. Juice from the root may also be used, but like the leaves, only with the utmost caution. the berries of the plant are deadly. Belladonna is used in fumes for evoking spirits.


An opaque or transparent green stone which hinders lust when worn as an amulet or powderd and drunk in a potion. However, the beryl helps bring about love and harmony between married couples. Worn as an amulat, it enables the bearer to win arguments, gain understanding, and becomes well mannered, and drivesaway his enemies. You can cure swollen glands by rubbing them with a beryl If you gaze into a beryl, you may be able to see the future and to attain better understanding "for dyspnoic, Epileptick, and Nephritick People . take one beryl stone, and engrave a crow upon it and under its feet a crab; enclose also a little savine, and a little of the heart of the bird under the stone,wear it as you will...And it will make the bearer cheerful and rich: and it is as excellent as any thing for lascivious and conjugal love."


The leaf of this plant is chewed during the performance of charms in parts of east Asia.

BETONY (or wood-betony)

An herb of the mint family that is worn in an amulet to streangthen the body and protect from witchcraft and nightmare. Dried and powdered or used in tea, it is good for the head and nerves. Mixed with honey, the powder cures coughs and colds;taken with honey and vinegar, it refreshes one after traveling. Gather it just before it goes into a flower.


Stone from the stomach,liver,or intestines of a goat or deer, which is powdered and drunk as a cure for poisoning. It can also be worn by the patient or touched to his body. In powdered form, it is conducive to strength and longevity.


A twining plant of the genus Convolvulus that is used in charm and potions to ease childbirth and woman's pains.


Used either fresh or dried, or in tea, to bring on menstruation, or to cure hysteria,fainting, or depression.


(not recomended nowadays you need to know who has what back in the old times that didnt matter so be forwarned find another way.)

human and animal blood ,especially fresh, is used extensively in all varieties of potions and recipes. Your own blood, intoduced into the food of the one you love, will help win there affection. Magick against an enemy can be worked with great efficiency if you have some of there blood to incorperate into an image, to boil, to scatteron the ground, or to otherwise harm. c (Sanguimaria canadensis )

The rhizome and root of this plant are used in indian love charms. Rub your palms with it and try to shake hands with a person you desire, and in five or six days your desire, even marriage, should be granted.


( also heliotrope ) A greenish chalcedony with spots of red jasper that resemble blood. Worn as an amulate, it brings fame and long life. It prevents miscarriage when hung on the arm, and eases shildbirth when worn on the thigh. Sleep with a bloodstone under your pillow to have dreams of the future.


Drink the juice for a week before menstruation to avoid too heavy a flow.


The tooth of the boar is wornas an amulet for fertility, good fortune, and against the evil eye. It is especially good for the protection of pregnant woman. Stones from the boar powdered and drunkin a potion arouse lust.


The bitter, strong tea made from this will cure colds and fever. It also wards off evil spirits.


Brass worn as an amulet or placed in or incorporated into a house keeps away evil spirits and harmfull people.

BRYONY (or Snake Grape)

A tendril-bearing, flowering vine with grapelike fruit. Its root, worn around the neck, cures convulsions and epilepsy. Juice of the leaves of the herb mixed with an equal quantity of white wine, given to drink, for seven days makes broken bones heal. The leaves applied to the skin keep one sober, bring pleasure, and reveal secrets.


Keep some bees in a box for good luck and protection (apache).


According to many American Indians, the butterfly causes our dreams and can put us to sleep.

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