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Natural magick is the art of bringing about marvellous effects inherent in seemingly ordinary herbs,
stones, animals, and other natural substances.

The following glossary gives only a few of the elements of natural magick

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The dung of a camel burned and mixed with oil stops the loss of hair. Suffumigated, it is conducive to the settlings of disputes. The brain of the camel mixed with oil of roses and applied to the head and body cures falling sickness. Its milk is mixed with honey in Arabian love potions.


Used in love potions in the East.


The bud of a Mediterranean shrub, sometimes used in love potions. A man who has been given a potion that makes him impotent can cure himself by eating capers.


Chew the seeds of the caraway plant to obtain the one you desire, or as an asphrodisiac. Also, chew them to relieve stomach disorders.


A red gem, usually a garnet, of round shape, that prevents poisoning when worn as an amulet. The carbuncle also hinders lust, sadness, and bad dreams, It keeps the bearer healthy, but if he does become ill, the stone will fade.


This red stone can be worn against skin diseases.


The carrot is used in love potions and was considered by the ancient Greeks to be a powerful aphrodisiac. Taken in wine, it helps conception.


The stone of the beaver, called Castor, hinders conception when powdered and drunk in a potion with the ear wax of a mule. Used in an ointment, it cures diseases of the nerves. Teh brownish secretion from the glands in the groin of the beaver is also called castor. It is used in perfume and in ove and fertility charms.


The cat was a common domestic familiar of witches, and its hair, eyes, claws, blood, and organs were used in many charms and potions. The brain of a cat is used in love charms, The dung mixed with oil of lilies cures fever. Putting a live cat on someone suffering from convulsions, epilepsy, or fainting will cure him.


A black cat has much magical energy, especially for the working of black magic. Its blood, however, cures many diseases, among them erysipelas. To become invisible, boil a black cat alive, then take the bones one by one and hold each in your mouth in front of a mirror. When one is not reflected in the mirror, you have found the bone that will make you invisible when you carry it. Rub the tail of a black cat over your eye to cure a sty.


(or Turkey Pea, Goat's Rue, or Devil's Shoestring; Tephrosia Virginiana) A dedoction of this tough-rooted plant was considered by American Indians to stregthen hair washed in it; it was also drunk as a remedy for fatigue or laziness.


(or Catmint) A herb of the mint family which cures women of hysteria and fits when it is dried and given in a potion and helps bring on menstration. Drink the juice of catnip in wine to heal bruises.


Part of the fetal membrane that is sometimes attached to a newborn child. It is condered good luck to be born with a caul, and it should be preserved in some form as an amulet. Anyone who buys a caul will be fortunated and escape dangers. A Blackish caul is a bad omen; a reddish one, very good. The caul changes state with the health of hime who was born with it. It preserves from downing, and confers eloquence upon the bearer. Soldiers believed it would make them invulnerable.


Hot pepper which prevents intoxication when taken in a drink.


A sacred tree for many American Indian tribes.


A yellow-flowered plant of the poppy family under the influence of the sun and used in solary charms. Celandine is used in charms and amulets to prevent one from being imprisoned. Its juice is given in potions for jaundice and applied to warts to remove them.


A stone of a tortoise. On the first day of the new moon, Place it under your tongue; for fifteen days you will be able to see the future for half a day: from sunrise to sunset if the moon is waxing, from sunset to sunrise, when it is waning.


One of the "Five venomous animals," or "Five Poisons," in China, which are used together in amulets against evil. See also Lizard; Scorpion; Snake; Tiger; Toad; and the chapter on amulets. In Scotland the centipede was used for working evil.


A pale, translucent quartz, sometimes milky white. He who wear it will be lucky in law and love, energetic, stong, and free of melancholy, illusion, and evil spirits. In Italy white chalcedony is made into white beads that increase a woman's milk.


A lizard that changes its skin. Burn its liver on a rooftop to raise a tempest. "If the tongue of the chameleon be taken alive, it conduces to good success in trails, and likewise to women in labour; but it must be hung up on some part of the house, otherwise, if brought into the house, it might be dangerous. "East the liver to hinder a love charm placed upon you. But dried and powdered, it may be taken as an aphrodisiac; powdered or whole, it may be worn for the same purpose as an amulet.


(Agnus Castus) A shrub with reddish flowers, seeds of which were once supposed to hinder lust.


Stone from a swallow. The chelidonius may be red or black. Wrapped in linen cloth and bound under the left armpit, it protects from madness and disease and improves the memory.


A herb of the parsley family. It cures asthma and lung disease when boiled in whey, strained and drunk in the morning. Apply the bruised leaves to swellings and bruises to heal them.


Beg one and carry it with you against rheumatism. See also Potato.


To stop a tempest, throw a black chicken into the air. See Cock; Hen.


To obtain the friendship of the great, anoint your body with the juice of this herb.


Yellow or greenish transparent variety of magnesium iron silicate which prevents insanity when worn as an amultet. If you bore a hole in the stone and fill it with hairs from the mane of a n ass and wear it on the left arm, you will be free from melancholy, foolishness, and fear. Or you may wear it set in set in gold. It also prevents asthma and lung disease when powdered and taken internally.


A green chalcedony that is worn as an amulet for happiness and to strengthen the eyes.


(or Pentaphyllon) A plant of the genus Potentilla with five-lobed leaves. Cinquefoil is ruled by Mercury. It is a common ingredient in love potions. Worn as an amulet, it brings eloquence in seeking political favors. Its root boiled in vinegar and applied to affected area cures swellings, lumps, knots, sores, and itches. Hold juice or cinquefoil in your mouth to cure toothache or soreness of gums. It protects one from witchcraft when worn in an amulet, and protects a house when hung in the entry.


Small, catlike mammal whose eyes are said to induce fear and hypnosis and are often used in witches' ointments and potions. It "makes any animal that it hath looked upon to stand still, to be amazed, and not able to move itself." Touch doorposts with its blood to prevent sorceries and enchantments. Wear the straight gut of the civet around your left arm to make women follow you around. Wer its skin for protection. The civet cat secretes a yellow, pungent substances that is used in fumigations, ointments, and love potions.


Protection against witchcraft when worn or carried; an ingredient in love potions.


A pink that has a scent similar to cloves. One ounce of the petals steeped in a pint of water stregthens the heart and nerves and cures fever.


Most parts of the cock are used in love charms and potions. Feathers from its tail were used by Romans to open locks. They also ward off witchcraft and the evil eye. To cure insanity, burn a cock alive. Although cocks are generally antidemonic, the black cock is sometimes considered the Devil's bird. Cock's blood may be used in spells to work evil. See Alectorius.


Stone, usually yellowish red or pink, made from the skeleton secreted by certain marine animals. Worn as an amulet, coral prevents witchcraft, evil eye, poisoning (and storms). It preserves the bearer from his own foolishness. It also is worn against consumption and stomach pain and epilepsy. Red coral loses color when its owner is ill.


Genus or several flowering plants, which may be made into a tea and drunk if you wish to conceive a girl baby (uni).


Grind the seeds and add them to love potions; fume them for working charms.


Put it between your bed and your mattress to protect yourself from cramps.


Almost any object that has had contact with a corpse can be used in charms and recipes; paradoxically such objects are often used in ove spells. Especially efficacius are the garments of a corpse or a candle that burned before it. The tooth of a dead man, when fumed, cures impotence. Parts of the body itself are even more effective.


The gall of the cow beautifies the face when applied to it, and removes corns. When the dung is suffumigated under the chair of a woman in labor, the birth is easy. Made into a plaster, the dung cures epilepsy, gout, and diseases of the spleen.


Makes tea or preserves of these wild flowers, and drink or eat them to sleep soundly.


The claws of the crab are a fertility charm and are worn to ward off the evil eye. When worn around the neck they cure eye disease. Broken crab shell mixed in the food or drink of a former lover will harm his marriage.


Its teeth are used for black magic in India.


The gall of a crow will cure a man of impotence when applied to his body or induce fear when administered in a potion. The eye of the crow excited lust when buried under one's bed. To preserve harmony between a couple, the man should carry the heart of a male crow and the woman that of a female. Beaten with the blood of the crow, and drunk for nine days, the heart cures epilepsy. In China, among other places, the crow was believed to be very ill-omened.


To cure extreme fatigue, have someone cut your lefgs a little with rock crystal (Guianan Indian).


When eaten, or used in a potion, the cucumber hinders lust.


A flowered herb of the genue Cyclamen, which makes one drunk when added to his wine. Its root is used in love potions.

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