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Natural magick is the art of bringing about marvellous effects inherent in seemingly ordinary herbs,
stones, animals, and other natural substances.

The following glossary gives only a few of the elements of natural magick

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Almost all parts of the eagle's body have magic virtue. The right eye, tied in a clean cloth and held in the left hand, brings favor and friendship. The kidneys arouse lust when dried and steeped and made into a sauce used in meat or drink. Carry with you a feather of its right wing to become rich and friendly. See Aetites.


Earth or dirt is a common ingredient in many sorts of spells. Sometimes one may be required to take earth from three or four different places, or from a crossroads. In love or image magic, an object may be buried at a spot where the person to be enchanted will walk. An element common to may American Indian ceremonies is "...the exposure of the unappropriated earth, from which the power of life has not yet been drawn out into vegetative forms. This U-ma-ne, as the Dakotas call it, is needful to secure the hearing of the address by the lifegiving power of the earth, which is appealed to. From the earth thus made visible powers of various kinds are desired, as strength, good fortune, foretelling the future, and success in many things is secured."


(Bunium Bulbocastanum) wild, foot-high plant with small white flowers, the root of which is roasted and eaten as an asphrodisiac.


The skin of the eel cures hydrophobia when worn around the limbs cramp or pain when tied around the knee, and the rheumatism when placed on the chest. To bring the dead back to life, leave an eel to die out of water, then steep in vinegar and the blood of the vulture, and bury it under some dung. Eat the fresh heart of an eel to foretell the future. Anoint yourself with fresh oil of eel when you feel weak.


The egg is used extensively in fertility charms and potions. Witches use eggshells as cups and pots and will steel broken shells for this purpose if you fail to destroy them. The yolk of a freshly laid egg cures dysentery when mixed with brandy and drunk.


Tree that bears white, distasteful-smelling flowers and black or deep red berries. The elder is associated with death with witches. However, its berries may be used in charms and amulets against witchcraft if they are gathered on St. John's Eve. Many magical cures are performed with the elder. The bark is used in a saltwater solution to bathe swollen or diseased feet, and the leaves, bruised, in a plaster for colds. Tea made from the berries is an Indian remedy for fever or constipation. An elder twig cut into nine pieces and worn as a necklace is a remedy for epilepsy. If it falls and touches the ground, it must be burned and a new necklace made. "Make powder of the flowers of elder, gathered on Midsummer's Day, being before well-dried, and use a spoonfull thereof in a good draught of borage-water, morning and evening, first and last, for the space of a month: it will make you seem young a great while.


Ivory from the elephant is protection against the evil eye, jealousy, and nightmares. Its tall hair, made into amulets using gold, serves the same purposes.


See parsley


Both Indians and Norwegians have believed the hoof of the elk to be a cure for epilepsy. Hold it in your right hand over your heart and then rub your ear with it.


A tree with bark that is used in magical recipes against diseases. The inner bark boiled in water is used as a gargle for sore throat. "The roots of the elm boiled for a long time in water and the fat arising on the top, clean skimmed off, and the place anointed with it that is grown bald, and the hair fallen away, will quickly restore it again.


A green beryl worn as an amulet against lust. An emerald amulet brings the wearer wealth, good fortune, and the ability to foretell the future. It banishes evile spirits and insects, aids labor, and reveals a lover's unfaithfulness.


A poisonous plant of the genus Euphorbia used in ointments and potions of witches. Euphorbia is under the rule of MArs and is used in fumes, charms, and potions for the owrking of the Martial magic, usually for death and destruction.


Herb of the genus Euphrasia. Its juice or distilled water taken in white wine improves a poor memory and weak eyes.

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