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Natural magick is the art of bringing about marvellous effects inherent in seemingly ordinary herbs,
stones, animals, and other natural substances.

The following glossary gives only a few of the elements of natural magick

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A common ingredient in Voodoo magic. American Indians frequently used feathers and down, often colored red, in ceremonies.


A yellow-flowered plant with seeds that are used in charms and recipes to keep away evil spirits. The juice of the fennel taken directly in the mouth is a cure for falling sickness. Drink water in which its seeds were boiled to take away hiccoughs. "Both leaves, seeds, and roots thereof are much used in drink or broth to make people more spare and lean that are to fat. Leaves or seeds boiled in barley water and drunk increase a mother's milk.


There are two varieties of fern, male and female. The female is higher, with fewer leaves than the male. The seed of the male fern is used in love potions. The seed of the female fern can be worn to make one invisible. It should be gathered on Midsummer's Eve between eleven and twelve noon.


Used in love potions. A woman may charm a man she desires by giving him figs. Apply them to a swelling to cure it.


May be used to make a migic wand.


Magic ceremonies are always performed with fire since it drives off demons and evil spirits, or at least keep them a safe distance away. Even in ceremonies of black magic, the fire helps the magician to keep the spirits under his control.


The heart and liver of a fish burned upon coals will banish evil spirits. The fish is a Buddhist symbol to increase wealth.


An herb believed to drive away fleas. Its seed strewed among sheets causes chastity.


An extremely hard stone used in striking fire. The flint worn as an amulet with a hole in it keeps away nightmares. Cast flint stones behind your back towards the west to bring rain.


See Bat.


The right testicle of a fox dried and powdered is used in a love potion for women; the left, for men. Its kidneys arouse when eaten or drunk in wine, and the lungs, roasted and eaten, cure other difficulties in breathing. To make an amulet against swelling, cut the tusk off a live fox and release him. Then wrap the tusk in fawn skin.


A gum resin used in incense and perfume. It is ruled by the sun and Saturn and is used in their fumes. Frankincense keeps away witches when hung in the entry of a house. White frankincense mixed with white wine is good for the brain and the stomach.


Various parts of the frog are frequent ingredients in many magic potions and recipes. After a green frog is eaten by ants, a bone from the left side is a charm for love and that on the right side, for hate. Since some say the reverse, one should be cautious in experimenting with frog bones. Reginald Scot gives another method for causing love and hate by frog bones:"...a frog's bone the flesh being eaten off around with Ants whereof some will swim and some will sink those that sink being hanged up with a white linen cloth engendreth love; but if a man be touched therewith hate is bred thereby. The ashes of baby frogs mixed with tar are applied to the head to cure falling hair, and they eyes of a frog cure blindness. Also "if one cut its Tongue out, and let it go again alive, and make a supersciption upon the Tongue thus, XV Vox. chuoch, coja M H yogi edammoth, and shall lay it privately upon a woman as she is asleep, the woman will tell whatever she has done all her life time. The rubeta frog causes people to become silent. Hold a frog in your mouth to cure trench mouth or a cough.

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