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Natural magick is the art of bringing about marvellous effects inherent in seemingly ordinary herbs,
stones, animals, and other natural substances.

The following glossary gives only a few of the elements of natural magick

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A stone, probably a nitrate of lime which when either dissolved in water or powdered and mixed with water appears milky. Taken in a potion it increases the flow of a woman's milk and will also develop her breasts.


Since classical times and probably earlier, garlic has been a powerful talisman against witchcraft, demons, and the evil eye. It is often hung over the door of a house for this purpose, or, bitten, sailors consider it protection from shipwreck. Garlic is used in potions and worn around the neck to cure asthma and colds. To cure a headache rub garlice into water and anoint your forehead. Eat garlic to increase milk flow while nursing. "In men oppressed by melancholy, it will attenuate the humor, and send up strong fancies, and as many strange visions to the head; therefore let it be taken inwardly with great moderation; outwardly it may be used more freely." Takes away skin spots and blemishes.


Wear one as an amulet to protect from or cure skin disease. See Carbuncle.


Name of two plants, Panax Ginseng of China and other parts of Asia, and Panex quinquefolium, found in North America, the root of which is considered a powerful asphrodisiac when taken in love potions or recipes. Ginseng root is also used in recipes to cure inflammation. Drink four cups of ginseng tea daily for a week to cure almost anything.


A flower that has two roots, one above the other. "If therefore you give the upper Root to any one mixt in Wine, to drink, he will erect: But if any one drink the lower it will do the contrary, and he will be without seed."


Many parts of the goat have intense power to produce lust and fertility. The semen of the goat anointed on the penis and its horn powdered and drunk in a potion are male aphrodisiacs (the latter can be quite dangerous). Sleep with its horn under your pillow to prevent insomnia. The blood of the she-goat, heated and eaten, cures dysentery and dropsy. Its fresh dung, boiled in old wine and applied in an ointment, cures swellings.


An American voodoo term for graveyard dust. It is a deadly ingredient of charms and recipes to kill or harm enemies.


To protect yourself against witchcraft, scatter grain around your sleeping place. The witch will not be able to harm you.

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