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Natural magick is the art of bringing about marvellous effects inherent in seemingly ordinary herbs,
stones, animals, and other natural substances.

The following glossary gives only a few of the elements of natural magick

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The hare was a popular familiar of witches in Scotland. The bone in the foot of a hare is worn or carried as a charm against cramp. Apply the fat of a hare to pull out a thorn in the flesh. Light it in a lamp to make the women who are present merry. Take its brains in wine before ben to keep from oversleeping. Burn the ears and nails from the whole skin of a hare and administer the powder obtained in food or drink. The genitals of the hare are used in potions to arouse lust.


The hawk possesses the magical virtues of the eagle in somewhat less intensity.


Melt the fat from this animal and smear on the penis as an aphrodisiac (North African). Use its bristles in evil spells or against enemies (Scotland).


See Bloodstone; Sunflower.


A poisonous plant of the genus Helleborus used in fumes, recipes, and spells of Mars. Black hellebore is sniffed or taken in a potion for headache. Both green and black varieties are used in charms and recipes to cure insanity. Hellebore is also administered in potions against melancholy and love-sickness. Special precautions should be observed when gathering black hellebore. You should dress in white and pluck the plant with your right hand and, hiding the hand with your robe, transfer the plant to your left hand.


A poisonous witch herb, Conicum maculatum used frequently in flying ointments and other recipes. Hemlock is used in potions to hinder lust and destroy love. Carry hemlock with you to wanquish your enemies.


A black hen is frequently offered by witches to the Devil and is generally considered a bird of evil omen. Feathers from a black hen are deadly when incorporated into a magical image or a witch's ladder (see chapter on charms, spells, and incantations). A black hen may be used a s a charm to learn the truth. If you have been robbed, fast for nine days in the company of a black hen, and the thief will be compelled to return your property. A split black hen applied to the soles of the feet cures headache and many other illnesses. Or apply the blood of an entirely black hen externally to cure anything (New England).


A poisonous, narcotic herb of the Solanacene family used by witches in potions and flying ointments. Henbane is a frequent ingredient of love potions. It is fumigated to evoke spirits.


Herring is fumigated to produce magical visions: "If one put the head of a fresh herring upon the coals to fumigate and he will get upon the house in the night, he will think that all the stars are run into one."


Small piece of flesh, usually black, on the head of a newborn foal, which the mother usually licks off. The mere touch of hippomanes arouses lust, as it also does when worn as an amulet. To win love, give it to the one you desire in his food or drink; it is especially powerful when mixed with your own blood. The term is also applied to "a venomous liquor issuing out of the share of a mare at the time she lusts after the hourse."


Boil hog bristles to bring rain. The bladder, burned, powdered, and taken in a potion, enables one to control his urination.


To have your dreams come true, take nine leaves of the female holly, which you have brought home after picking it at midnight on a Friday witout making a sound, wrap it in a cloth, making nice knots to close it, and sleep with it under your pillow.


As a remedy for rheumatism, eat large quantities of either the root or its juice with meals.


A pink-flowered herb. Sempervivum tectorum, that grows on roofs and walls. The houseleek protects a house on which it grows from lightning. If it is placed on the roof, it will keep the house free from fire and its inhabitants from suffering burns. Its juice applied to horehead and temples eases headache and a tired brain.


The hair or wickers of a hyena may be used in image magic or in spells of necromancy. However, skin from its forehead protects the bearer from fascination. To make men and dogs silent, carry the tongue of a hyena in your right shoe. Marrow from the hyena cures pains of back and loins when anointed on the spine.

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