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Natural magick is the art of bringing about marvellous effects inherent in seemingly ordinary herbs,
stones, animals, and other natural substances.

The following glossary gives only a few of the elements of natural magick

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A deep blue gem worn as an amulet to cure melancholy.


Swallow the heart of a lapwing while still warm to foretell the future. Wear its heart, eye, or brains around your neck against forgetfulness and for understanding.


A small European evergreen whose leaves guard against epilepsy, lightning, and demonic possession. Make a tea of the leaves to cure illusion, or inhale vapor from the buring leaves.


When used in an amulet or placed at the entrance to a house, lead is excellent protection from witchcraft and evil spirits. Amulets made of a lead alloy cure swelling.


A plant with gray-colored leaves which, when placed in the mouth, cures headache or toothache with great speed.


A plant of the lily family, resembling the onion, that is a powerful ingredient in love potions.


A common ingredient in Voodoo spells and in North African magic; often used as the vessel for other magical substances.


Lettuce may be used in love potions and recipes. However, you may eat it to alleviate lust. Drink lettuce juice to sleep easily and well.


Twigs and fruit protect against the evil eye.


Carry the bones of this bird for good health.


For courage, gird yourself with thongs from the skin of a lion.


Mosslike plant of the class Hepaticae that prevents hydrophobia when worn or carried


The brains and tails of lizards induce love when administered in potions. To make friendship fast, catch two lizards copulating, cut off their sexual organs, and drink them in a pition. To protect yourself from disease, wear around your neck the right hand of the lizard in a gold case upon which is written: ha. va. ba. Ga. h. 1. aulusare. The bones of lizards cure epilepsy when worn as amulets or powdered and drunk in potions. In China it was considered on of the "five poisons," which together with the others was used in prtective amulets. See also Centipede; Scorpion; Serpent; Tiger; Toad; and the chapter on amulets.


(or Lodestone) A variety of magnetite that attracts iron and is used as a test for truth or faithfulness: "Lay this stone under the head of a wife. If she be chaste, she will embrace her husband. If she be not chaste, she will fall forth of her bed." The loadstone can enable you to foretell the future and will endow you with divine inspirations and secret knowledge. If you ask it questions about the future, you will receive true answers. To cure youself of disease, shake a loadstone in your hands. Worn as an amulet the loadstone reconciles lovers' quarrels. Bound to the right arm or thigh of the woman ie eases labor.


For potency, eat the torsos of the females fried in butter (North African).


Indian or Egyptian plant of the waterlily family used in love potions. Used in or engraved upon an amulet, the lotus keeps away the evil eye and brings success and good fortune.


Blue-flowered plant, Pulmonaria officinalis, that is steeped in water and drunk to cure asthma and other lung disease.

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