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Natural magick is the art of bringing about marvellous effects inherent in seemingly ordinary herbs,
stones, animals, and other natural substances.

The following glossary gives only a few of the elements of natural magick

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Plant of the genus Agave, the juice of which is used in love potions (Mexican).


Drink it in potions to restore fertility, or make a tea from it to cure chills or rheumatism; boiled in water, golden maidenhair is used as a rinse to make hair grow more tickly.


(or Mandragora)-A narcotic, solanaceous herb, Mandragora officinarum, frequently used in love potions, spells, and ointments, and thought to make women fertile. The fleshy root of the mandrake, which is the part most often used in magic, resembles a human being. The plant is identified as female or male accourding to whether or not the root is forked (the forking represents the female number two). The male plant has a pleasing scent; the female, a repulsive odor. The berries, like the root, are narcotic and either can be aphrodisiac, anestheic, or fatal, depending upon the dose given. The mandrake is considered the deadliest of witch herbs because it cannot be obtained without risk of life. When pulled from the ground, the plant gives a terrible shriek that will kill or drive one mad. To avoid this, put a dog who has not been fed fro an entire day on a long leash, lead him toward the plant, entice him to uproot it, and run for cover when he seems about to do so. You may also use a well-trained cock. A good place to find a mandrake is beneath a gallows. Mandrake root cures impotency when taken in a potion; however it may be used as a talisman to prevent pregnancy. When carefully kept and kindly treated, it will answer all your questions and cause money left near it to double overnight. The mandrake may be used in image magic to harm enemies. To preserve your mandrake, wash it every friday evening with wine and keep it wrapped in white or red silk.


A yellow-flowered plant ruled by the sun an used in fumes and potions to obtain solary influence. Powder its seeds and wear then in an amulet if you wish to catch a thief, or administer the powder in a potion to one whom you suspect. Put it under your head when you sleep if you wish to see him who robbed you. If it is put in a church where adulterous women are, they will not be able to enter the church until it is remived. Marigold seeds are used in potions to cure fever.


Drink an infusion of the fresh herb to prevent nervous disorders, headache, or dizziness.


Although menstrual blood may occosionally be used in love potions, it is primarily associated with infertility. It will dull the edge of a knife, make plants barren, and turn new wine sour. It can cause impotency when give in a potion.


(or Quicksilver)-Silver-colored metallic element under the rule of the planet Mercury that was an important constituent of alchemical processes. Mercury was used in magic recipes against disease and the evil eye and was worn in amulets to prevent jaundice.


Stone or metial that has fallen to the earth from space and is worn as an amulet to protect the bearer from witchcraft, storms, disease, and accidents.


Aids the growth of hair, especially on the bald spot of a dog.


Used by some American Indians to cure skin eruptions and venereal disease.


Parasitic plant with white berries that is used in love potions. To open a lock, insert a sprig of mistletoe in it. Wear it around your neck to keep away witches. Mistletoe is used to treat epilepsy, itches, aches, sores, and almost anything else. Water in which mistletoe has been steeped brings about procreation. Cut it with a golden hook.


Swallow the heart of a mole before the sun rises and you will know the future. Carry it with you to vanquish your enemies. To cure a toothache, wear a tooth pulled from a live mole. Drink its blood for anemia. Carry its feet in your purse to prevent want of money.


See Aconite.


(or Martagon)-a fern, Botrychium lunaria, with crescent-shaped leaflets, that is used in love potions or worn as an amulet to find enduring love. To open a lock, place in it a piece of moonwort. Moonwort also breaks chains.


(orWhite Moss)-said to be a cure for headaches and illnesses.


A plant with leaves that turn toward the north, which when carried in the hand or shoe prevents weakness and tiredness. Pick it before sunrise, saying "Tollam te artemsia, ne lasus sim in via" Mugwort is used in potions and amulets to increase lust and fertility, and cure poisoning, disease, and madness. Carry mugwort with you in order to foretell the future. To bring spirits together, wipe a piece of clean steel with the juice of mugwort. In China the plant is gathered on the fifth day of the fifth moon and hung over doorways to keep away evil spirits. See also Sweet flag.


A weeed with coarse leaves and yellow flowers that is worn in amulets against witchcraft and sorcery. Sleep with it under your pillow or hang it over your door to keep away witches, demons, and nightmares. Carry it with you to keep away wild animals and enemiesand to bring you courage. "The seed bruised and boiled in wine, and laid on any member that has been out of joint and in newly set, takes away all swelling and pain."


Strong-scented secretion of the male musk deer that is used in magical perfumes and is a powerful ingredient in love potions.


"Laid upon the tongue it will sometimes restore speech in palsies."


Fragrant resin from plants of the genus Commiphora that is used in fumigations, especially to drive away evil spirits. To win love, perfume yourself with myrrh.


Evergreen shrub with white flowers that has been sacred to Venus since ancient times and is ruled by the planet Venus. Myrtle is a frequent ingredient in love potions.

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