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Natural magick is the art of bringing about marvellous effects inherent in seemingly ordinary herbs,
stones, animals, and other natural substances.

The following glossary gives only a few of the elements of natural magick

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Red ochre was frequently used in American Indian ceremonies, especially to color feathers.


Put holy oil upon your lips to make them irresistible to men who kiss you.


Drink it for potency or fertility.


Since ancient times onion has been a powerful charm against witchcraft and the evil eye when worn, carried, or hung in the entrance of a house. Onion also protects the bearer from drunkenness and cures his colds. Onion juice with vinegar removes skin blemishes.


Drink orange peel in a potion to reserve yourself from drunkenness.


The stone from the gizzard of the ostrich arouses lust, cures impotence, and enables one to make love with great power when powdered and taken in a potion or hung around the neck. Worn as an amulet, the stone also aids digestion.


Wear the claw of an owl as an amulet for good luck. If you tie the severed head of an owl in a black clother and touch it to someone's left arm, he will remain awake.


Hang the gall of an ox over your bed to have wonderful dreams.

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