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Natural magick is the art of bringing about marvellous effects inherent in seemingly ordinary herbs,
stones, animals, and other natural substances.

The following glossary gives only a few of the elements of natural magick

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(or Eleoselinum)-Herb that is used in potions for love and fertility, and in witches; ointments.


To imporve your memory, grease your templets with the gall of a partridge.


Peach kernels "bruised and boiled until they become thick, and applied unto the head, it make the hair grow upon the bald places or where it is too thin." The peach is a powerful symbol in China, representing the life force of the sea. Amulets made of peach wood are good for banishing evil and demons.


"By the stone that is in the head of a peacock, given in drink with your own sweat, you many obtain any virgin you have a mind to." Take two bunches of peachock feathers and hang them in a V on the wall to ward off disease and bring good luck (Ceylon).


Wear the pearl as an amulet for longevity and good fortune.


Tiny stones or pebbles may be scattered ont he floor to keep away witches. To rid yourself of warts, bury as many pebbles as you have warts. Kidney-shaped pebbles, especially black, are ptent charms for health and fortune, and against the evil eye.


The herb was widely reputed to be a remedy for menstrual tension or irregularity. When powdered and encased in wool, according to the Saxons, it could be placed under a woman who was struck dumb, to cure her.


Flowered plant of the genus Paeonia that is worn as an amulet against incubi, epilepsy, and fever. To cure epilepsy, cut the root of the peony into square pieces and hang them around the neck. Change them as they dry out. Take the powdered root internally to cure nervous diseases. To cure a fit of madness, touch a peony to the affliced person, and have him carry it with him afterward to prevent recurrence. Fumigate the root. wear it, or powder it and take it in a potion to keep away evil spirits. Peonies have two kinds of seeds, open and closed. "That a woman may conceive: If therefore a woman do not retain the Man's seed and would conceive, let her be girt with the close seeds of the Divine Herb, tying it in a Linen cloth died [sic] of seven colours... But if she have no mind to conceive, let her girt herself with the open seeds, and the wax of a mule's ear, as long as she please."


The spice pepper cures wounds from stabs or blows, but also starts quarrels.


Immortal bird said to live 500 years, to then set fire to itself, and rise again. The image of the phoenix is worn as an amulet for long life, happiness, justice, and faithfulness.


The pig is ruled by Venus and is a powerful fertility symbol. Amulets in the shape of a pig or with pigs carved on them are worn for good fortune, fertility, and against the evil eye.


Split a live pigeon and apply it to the soles of the feet to cure convulsions. In France it has been applied to the head of a mad person.


This tree is a symbol of immortatlity in China, and its resin is drunk or eaten for a long life.


Good ingredient for tonics.


Carry a raw potato for protection against reheumatism.


Heals sprains (Pacific Coastal Indians). Sniff juice of its root, or the weaker powder of the dried root, to cure a headache.


A trailing herb with yellow flowers. Put it in your bed to prevent bad dreams.

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