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Natural magick is the art of bringing about marvellous effects inherent in seemingly ordinary herbs,
stones, animals, and other natural substances.

The following glossary gives only a few of the elements of natural magick

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The ears of a rabbit cure insomnia when placed under the pillow of the sleepless one without his knowledge. A forepaw of the rabbit brings good luck. Some say the hind foot protects against evil, and others that it brings evil. Some Voodoo practitioners and believers say the best rabbit's foot is the left hind foot of a graveyard rabbit, taken at midnight.


Use it in the love potions or to represent the heart in love spells.


(Polygala Senega, or a plant of the genus Prenanthes) -used by American Indians against rattlesnake bite, by the English to treat pleurisy. A Micmac Indian who wished to acquire the plant had to get a woman to accompany him to it; it would then make him irresistible to her or any woman til he broke the spell by touching her with it. However, the plant could be gathered only with great difficulty; the man had to follow the song of a particular bird, without which it owuld remain invisible, and then pick up the rattlesnake, which would appear by it. See also Snakeroot.


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