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Natural magick is the art of bringing about marvellous effects inherent in seemingly ordinary herbs,
stones, animals, and other natural substances.

The following glossary gives only a few of the elements of natural magick

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Orange-yellow dried stigmas of the flowered plant Crocus sativus that are ruled by the sun and are powerful ingredients in solary recipes and spells. Take saffron in a potions to cure jaundice. Bathe sore eyes in saffron mixed with well water.


An herb, Salvia officinalis, the leaves of which are used in potions and recipes against nervous diseases. Squeeze juice from sage leaves into the mouth of one suffering a fit of epilepsy.


(or Hypericum)-Plant with orange-yellow flowers that is used as a charm against witches and demons. On St. John's Eve, or midsummer (June 23), it is used by young girls in divination to discover their future husbands.


A small, tailed smphibian, the heart of which keeps a woman from conceiving and from menstruating when carried about her knees.


The fleshy root of a wild orchid (genus Orchis), which may have two round bulbs filled with white juice; from the resemblance of these bulbs to testicles (the Arab orginal of the name is a shortened form for fox's testicles) comes the plant's reputation for strengthening sexual organs and increasing lust. It is prepared by being soaked for twenty-four hours, then hung and steamed then hung on a string to dry in the air until it becomes tough and transparent. One Turkish method for using it as an asphrodisiac is to powder it and dissolve it in water with ginger and honey. It may also be used in tonics.


Ordinary salt is among the most powerful preventives of witchcraft and the evil eye. Witches cannot eat food containin salt. Salt is worn in amulets for good health and longevity. It lengthens and strengthens love spells and potions.


Used in Eastern love charms.


A blue variety of corundum which is worn as an amulet to prevent fever, excessive perspiration, eye disease, injury, and poison. It also brings the bearer good health, courage, and peace of mind, and protects him from envy, treachery, and captivity.


A green flowered plant, Coeloglossum bracteatum, drunk or eaten as an asphrodisiac.


Plant, possibly vervain, with a root shaped like the male sexual organ, that was used in potions for love and potency. For spent and barren women, and for coition, and for such as have a watery and thin seed, and which cannot conceive, and such as are withered and dry: For this is arid and delectable and gives conception. If before coition you strew it on the virile member, anointed with Honey, the woman will be debilitated beyond measure. And if the woman be so anointed, the Intenseness of the Act will be great.


One of the five venomous animals, in China, used in amulets to ward off evil.


Either a hippopotamus or an aquatic mammal of the order Sirenia, the fat of which is conducive to joyful lovemaking when mixed with homey and anointed on the sexual organs of the couple. Worn as an amulet, the stone from the right temple of a sea-cow causes erection; the stone from the left temple hinders it.


Drink the brain of the seal in a potion to drive away evil spirits, and the heart to bring good luck. Wear the right eye in an amulet to attain good fortune, power, and a pleasing disposition. Carry the nails from its paws to prevent withcraft and betrayal. Carry its tongue in your shoe to assure victory. To cure pain of abdomen and kidneys, add the hairs of a seal to an ointment and rub it on the afficted part.


The Druid name for club-moss; it should be picked with the right hand, covered, and removed with the left, in a meadow before sunrise.


Throughout the world, the serpent is a powerful magic symbol. It stands for wisdom and the knowledge of good and evil that is the prerequisite of magic power. The tree of life of the Cabala is often represented with a serpent twining through its branches. The serpent also represnets creation-human and divine, physical and spiritual. The serpent swallowing its tail symbolizes the great work of alchemy, the transformation of something into a higher form that is inherent within it. Amulets shaped like serpents or partially composed of serpent bring the bearer wisdom and long life. The snake is one of the "five poisons" in China, used in protective amulets. See also Centipede; Lizard; Scorpion; Spider; Tiger; Toad; and the chapter on amulets. Wear the teeth to prevent and cure toothache. They also aid a child's teething. The eyes, worn around the neck, cure eye disease. The skin, worn around the waist, cures rheumatism, and may be used in black magic. To make snakes appear, light a lamp made of serpents' skins. A snake will runn after you if you are clothed, but will flee if you are naked. If you dream of being bitten by a snake, you will be successful in a love affair.


To prevent or cure cramps in any part of the body wear one or more of its vertebrae on a string around your waist; this will also sure any other ailments of the midriff (Ceylon).


Fresh liver of sheep beautifies a woman when applied to her face. To keep from drunkenness, eat its lungs after fasting. The tongue bone of a sheep is an English amulet against drowning. The horn of a Rocky Mountain sheep preserves the bearer from being tempted to tell a lie (American Indian).


Worn as an amulet, it keeps away evil spririts and the evil eye.


Protects against the evil eye and witchcraft.


Part of a skull or skeleton or an object shaped like a skull is a potent talisman against the evil eye. To cure epilepsy, drink at midnight water from a spring out of the skull of someone who was murdered.


The shell of snails are used in amulets for love, lust, and fertility, and against witchcraft and the evil eye. They are sometimes powdered and drunk in love potions. A stone from the snail's head or shell aids childbirth and improves eyesight when powdered in wine and drunk. Make a tea of them to cure a cough (English).


(Aristolochia serpentaria or Polygala Senega) American Indians chewed it and spat it on snake wounds to cure them. See also Rattlesnake Root.


A stone from a snake, which brings success if the snake remains alive while it is taken out. The Druids believed that a genuine snakestone would float against the current and not sink. It has been bescribed as small and glassy, usually green, though sometimes blue, and streaked with white and red.


To cure a compulsive gambler, give him sow's milk.


The liver and heart of a sparrow are frequently ingredients of love potions.


To prevent fever and flu wear a few spiders in a bag around your neck. To bring sleep to an insomniac, anoint his head with boiled spider. Swallow spiderwebs to cure asthma. A spider caught while weaving upward is an especially good constituent of an amulet against disease. The spider has been highly respected by American Indians, who considered it extremely intelligent and capable of working marvles. In China it was considered one of the "five venomous animals." See also Centipede; Lizard; Scorpion; Serpent; Tiger; Toad; and the chapter on amulets.


Spitting is a way of concentrating one's magical energy and is therefore part of many charms, especially for preventing fascination and witchcraft. Spit in your right shoe every morning to prevent fascination. After urinating, spit in the toilet to protect yourself from witchcraft. For courage, sawllow you own spit. According to Pliny, wetting a finger with spit and putting it behind your ear will "allay disquitude of mind." If you regret an injury you've done by blow or missele, spit in the palm of the hand that dealt the blow and the person who suffered will feel no resentment. If your left hand itches, spit on it and rub your side or hip and you'll get money (Central Maine). Spitting without purpose is a waste of magic force and may expose one to malevolent spells by demons or enemies who capture this saliva. In working image magic, the saliva of the victim, usually from partially eaten food, strengthens the spell.


To cure disease, affiction by nightmare, or bewitchment, hang a stone with a hole in it over the bed of the sufferer. Small stones that have natural holes in them are excellent amulets against disease and the evil eye. Stones shaped naturally like a couple embracing are charms to bring love. Bathe a bruise or concussion with water into which a stone heated red-hot was thrown.


Dolls used in image magic are often made partially or wholly of straw. Straw is used in many charms to cause death, injury, impotency, and infertility.


Carry it with you against cramps.


(or Heliotrope) Plant of the genus Helianthus with yellow flowers that is ruled by the sun, and because of its circular, rayed shape, symbolizes the sun. It is a powerful charm against evil spirits. The seeds of the sunflower, when taken in a potion, make women fertile. If you sleep with a sunflower under your bed, you will learn the truth about whatever you wish. To become virtuous, anoint yourself with juice from the herb.


Swallow the whole, fresh heart of a swallow in order to foretell the future. East the heart, boiled in milk, to improve your memory. The heart may also be used in love charms. Ointment with a swallow's feather in it is applied to secure universal love and affection. A white stone from its gizzard will cure headaches as long as you don't let it touch the ground.


In China the flower is gathered on the fifth day of the fifth moon and hung over the door to ward off evil spirits. See also Mugwort.

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