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Natural magick is the art of bringing about marvellous effects inherent in seemingly ordinary herbs,
stones, animals, and other natural substances.

The following glossary gives only a few of the elements of natural magick

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Eat walnuts for head trouble.


Another woman's husband will leave her if you put powdered and roasted wasp eggs into his drink (Arawaks).


Bathing in running water cures those who have been changed into animals by witches. Water running south is good for use in healing charms. Running water scooped up with the left hand while stadning against the current will make hair grow when applied to the head. To cure a fit of ague, taste water in an earthen vessel that was gathered in equal quantities form three ponds of the same size.


To remove freckles, pimples, or spots, burise leaves of the herb and apply to the face at night and wash off in the morning. Mix juice of watercress with vinegar and bathe the forehead of one who is tired.


An aquatic plant of the genus Nymphaea that hinders lust and love when eaten or drunk in a potion. The distilled water of the flowers clears away freckles, spots, and sunburn.


Saxon name for the scared herb rib-wort (q.v.).


The tongue of the weasel dried and worn in a shoe will protect one from his enemies. Swallow the warm heart of the weasel to learn the future. To prevent conception, carry the left testicle of a weasel wrapped in mule's skin, on which the following is written: In ora. i. idacvia. i. a viij. i rayo. j. vol. koox 3. i. coochi.


Its branches were worn in the hair in China for good luck.


Use the bark to make a tonic.


Drinking the blood of a wolf will drive one mad. The eyes, adminstered in a potion, induce fear. Wear its right eye as an amulet to bring victory and protection from enemies. The hair at the bottom of the wolf's tail is used in love charms and potions. Carry its eye and the first joint of the tial in a golden container for wealth, power, fame, friendship, and the love of women. The eyetooth of the wolf, worn around the neck, will cure madness, hallucination, and affiction by nightmares. Fresh skin of wolf worn around the body, will prevent attacks of epilepsy. To prevent witchcraft, hang the head of a wolf on your door. Sleep with a wolf's head under your pillow for sound dreams. "Take wolf's dung and carry it in your pocket that it may take the heat of your body and it will make any mad bull, or any other Cattel of the kinde to fly from you..." To keep a woman faithful, burn hairs and genitals of a wolf and give them to her in a potion.


See Aconite.


Its head is used by the Eskimose in amulets for good hunting. See also Raven.


See Betony.


To keep away witchcraft and disease, anoint yourself with black wool and butter. During an illness, put black wool in your ears to prevent deafness.

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