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Full Mead Moon Esbat Ritual

June - Accepting grace During June, the Wheel of the Year is approaching the peak of the Sun God's power. All that is needed for future fruition has been granted. In terms of personal development, we have, at this stage, done all that we can to actively work toward our goal. Now it is time for us to trust that God, Goddess, and Spirit are at work in our lives, and will grant us, through grace, the conditions that we need in order to achieve our goals.

As the times of the Waxing and Full Moon are most commonly used for attacting, rather than banishing, energies, this ritual is designed to convey to the God, Goddess, and Spirit that we are willing to accept their help. I designed this ritual for the June, 2000, Full Mead Moon Esbat.

Purpose: To express trust in the workings of God, Goddess, and Spirit in my life, and to open to accept grace. Tools

A small black or gray stone to accept the energies of our efforts and be offered to the Earth. Hematite is good because it is grounding and contains the energies of Manifest Light[i]. If you don't usually have one on your altar, an offering plate on which to place the stone offering. If you don't usually have one on your altar, a red candle to represent Spirit, lit at the same time as the God, Goddess, and/or quarter candles. A candle - white, violet, or any other color which represents grace to the practitioner - to symbolize the Light always present in our lives. A small, personal totem that represents Spirit to the practitioner, to be charged during the ritual and carried or worn by the practitioner after the ritual until the next Full Moon. The Working Oh Full Mead Moon, Mother Moon, you are the aspect of the Triple Goddess that represents fertility and nurturance. Your protective and loving presence at this time during the turn of the Wheel of the Year reminds me that your grace, and the grace of God and Spirit, are present in my life at all times. I have done what I can do to actively work toward my goal of spiritual fulfillment. I now accept that the results of my activities are not determined only by my own efforts. In order to be successful, I must be open to your grace.

Hold the gray or black stone in the right hand. Visualize the energies I have put into spiritual development, and project them into the stone. Make the offering:

Lady of the Moon, of the restless sea and verdant Earth, Lord of the Sun and of the wild creatures[ii], I release to you the energies I have put into my spiritual growth. Please accept them as my offering to you. Place stone on offering plate.

Sending the Energy She changes everything she touches; everything she touches changes.

As I light this candle, I acknowledge the presence of the grace of God, Goddess, and Spirit in my life, and I release my attempts to control the outcome of my efforts.

With harm to none, so mote it be.

Light the candle symbolizing the light of grace from the red candle on the altar.

Hold the personal totem in both hands, up to the light of the grace candle.

God, Goddess, Spirit, please charge this stone with your Light, that I may carry it with me as a reminder of the love, Light, and grace always present in my life.

Holding the totem in the left hand, stand in the Goddess position. Release any remaining control energies, and accept the light of grace.

Allow the candle to burn throughout the rest of the Esbat and until it burns out naturally. Place it and the offering plate with the stone in a safe place after the ritual, if necessary.

After the Ritual Wear or carry the personal totem until the next Full Moon Esbat. After that, keep the totem as a reminder of the light of grace.

Once the candle has burned out, take the stone and any remaining wax from the candle, and prepare a hole in which to bury them in the Earth.

Earth Mother, please consecrate and accept the energies I offer you, for my Highest Good and the Highest Good of all concerned[iii]. Place the stone and wax into the hole and cover it. Visualize yourself free of control energies and guided by grace.