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The Full Moon

The Full Moon is a time of great power. Magical workings at this time are oriented toward the manifestation of goals.

Janic Esbat ritual treats each Full Moon as a part of the Wheel of the Year; therefore, the Full Moon of each month has different qualities which are honored during the Esbat ritual. These qualities may also influence the type of magic worked and/or the method by which the magical work is performed. The goal is to attune with, and therefore interact with, the greatest power available - the projective power of each Full Moon's particular place in the Wheel of the Year.

Full Moons are often known by specific names, depending on their place in the Wheel of the Year, but there are general Full Moon correspondences which can be used to unify the celebration of the Full Moon Esbats.

Incense Jasmine, rose Crystals Clear quartz crystal (especially sphere), white or rainbow moonstone, selenite, snowy quartz, white opal, silver

There are a number of different systems of naming the Moons. For consistency, the Janic Tradition has adapted the naming system described by Patricia Telesco in The Wiccan Book of Ceremonies and Rituals[i].

Click on the links below to see rituals developed for the Full Moons.

Full Moons throughout the Wheel of the Year January Full Wolf Moon Searching for what we need February Full Storm Moon Focusing on the Light that guides us March Full Plow Moon Receiving the illumination with which to cultivate our spirits April Full Budding Moon Growing May Full Mother's Moon Honoring the Goddess June Full Mead Moon Accepting grace July Full Claiming Moon Affirming the truth of what we are August Full Dispute Moon Ending anger September Full Wine Moon Celebrating October Full Blood Moon Experiencing life's energy November Full Mourning Moon Endings and beginnings December Full Oak Moon Nature's lessons

There is some discussion as to what actually constitutes a Blue Moon, but in the Janic Tradition a Blue Moon is the second Full Moon occurs in any calendar month. In the case of a Blue Moon, the practitioner may repeat or revisit the theme for the first Full Moon of the month, or he or she may use this opportunity to do a particularly special working or simply to honor Jana, the Goddess of the Moon. I've included a Blue Moon Esbat Ritual here that allows the practitioner to honor and petition the Roman Moon Goddess Jana, but it can be adapted for any Goddess.

Attuning to the power of the Full Moon while attending to the meaning of that Moon in the Wheel of the Year is a powerful tool for enriching our connection to the patterns of both Nature and spiritual growth.